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Body Work Session includes Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, and Massage -

Each session is tailored to the individual: 

Goal...Unstick whats stuck

Includes Evaluation, Assessment,  Bodywork, Massage,  Spinal Balancing with various Tools, Muscle Energy Techniques, Stretching, posture pumps,  and Home Exercises for injuries. Emotional release work always your choice.

Treatment Session
(1 hour 30 minutes) —        $215.00





4 sessions - $800....        (save $60 cost $200. for 90 Minutes)

Each session is 1 hour 30 minutes of Body Work or Therapeutic Massage. 

It must be used within 8 weeks. 

Ion detox foot bath 30 to 45 min  $60.00

*Standard Credit Card Charges May Apply




*Discounts apply for clients only

For your initial visit for Myofascial Release:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for paperwork.

  • Please do not wear any body lotions.

  • Women – please wear a bra with the clasp in back & underwear or bikini.

  • Men – please wear tight-fitting boxers or underwear. 


Cancellation Policy

Has been changed to honor system. I am small business and see 3 clients per day. I ask if you forget the appointment or decide to reschedule for another reason that is not Covid 19 related please give me as much notice as possible. This way I will have time to fill the open appointment. If less then 24 hours payment for full session is requested.

If the night before your appointment or day of you feel sick and think it maybe Covid 19 or you just found out you were exposed  please cancel, no charge as I want to keep everyone healthy and safe.


Following credit card information is to be held on file.




"I have referred dozens of my chiropractic patients to Amy, and all of them have come back with great satisfaction and results from Amy's Myofascial Release and massage. Amy's work is an excellent combination with chiropractic care."




"I really feel that myofascial release has helped my body in many ways. Before i came to see Amy i would go for massages but the pain in my back and shoulder always came back after a couple days. what she does is has a long lasting effect and i felt better after the first visit!!!!"

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"I have had years (and years and years) of all different kinds of body work and Amy's work is FAR and above everything I've ever experienced. 
She's basically MAGIC."

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