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Amy Hagar is a Physical Therapist Assistant for over 25 years and a licensed massage therapist.  She received her training from P.T. John Barnes, the preeminent teacher of Myofascial Release. 




Body therapy is just that...Body therapy. Each session is tailored to your individual needs. One person may have been through traditional physical therapy and still have that shoulder, back, neck, jaw, etc... pain. A full-body postural assessment along with myofascial release work, craniosacral, massage, spinal balancing with various tools, muscle energy techniques, home exercises, and stretching, may help someone achieve an active pain-free lifestyle. 

Another client may have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse. Not only are they emotionally affected, but oftentimes have various chronic pain(s). Processing body memories, receiving the above modalities, and the use of essential oils are known to penetrate the blood barrier into the limbic system. (click)

Another client may just want to relax and have a massage. That’s good too. 

I had experienced quite a bit of trauma in my life. I found this type of Bodywork helped me to heal on a cellular level. Because this work that I received was so significant in my life I decided to open up my practice to help others. Very few things in my life felt so important and true. So in a sense, I am here to " pay it forward"

~Amy Hagar, LMT PTA


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