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Craniosacral Therapy is a form of bodywork that restores balance to the nervous system.

For example, a fall, whiplash, surgery(s), or habitual poor posture. This can pull and restrict the fascia, losing its flexibility. The result - excessive pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bone structures, and/or internal organs.

An imbalanced skeletal system or fascial system results in a continued pulling and twisting of the two. Clients often benefit from receiving chiropractic treatments as well.

For our patients who are looking for chiropractic treatment, we recommend Dr. Scott Fuller.

Myofascial Release can help (but is not limited to)

Who can benefit from Craniosacral Therapy? 

Craniosacral Therapy can be helpful for many conditions due to it’s ability to promote healing. Here are a few conditions that are particularly responsive to this form of manual therapy:

  • Neck Pain 

  • Back Pain 

  • Headaches /  Migraine

  • TMJ / Jaw Tension 

  • Injury

  • Digestive Disorders 

  • Muscular Tension 

  • Stress

  • Inflammatory Issues 

  • Physical and Emotional Trauma 

"I have referred dozens of my chiropractic patients to Amy, and all of them have come back with great satisfaction and results from Amy's Myofascial Release and massage. Amy's work is an excellent combination with chiropractic care."




"I really feel that myofascial release has helped my body in many ways. Before i came to see Amy i would go for massages but the pain in my back and shoulder always came back after a couple days. what she does is has a long lasting effect and i felt better after the first visit!!!!"

"I have had years (and years and years) of all different kinds of body work and Amy's work is FAR and above everything I've ever experienced. 
She's basically MAGIC."

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